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Revised 26/1/14.

Attorneys, Expert Witness, Scientific Data:

Finding real, experienced, senior Scientists isn't easy. As Scientists and expert witnesses, we serve Attorneys handling: personal injury, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ-nursing homes) complaints, product liability, chemical trespass, environmental, workman's compensation, arson, Americans with Disabilities Act, industrial processes problems, and certain types of regulatory compliance cases. We identify & quantify contaminates in gases, liquids, & solids, indoors and out, for deviations in specifications. We employ published scientific methods from laboratories we know and trust, who have not been bought off by entities you oppose (more common than thought!); analysts with questionable credentials and/or data (like Anne Dookhan); or application of analytical methods that will never produce necessary data, e.g., government labs that lack required funding and oversight. Data we provide are not compromised and in fact are usually the missing Quality Control.

We translate their analytical data into that which layman, courts, lawyers, and juries find easy to understand, greatly enhancing chances for an easy win. Our vetting of your opponents' 'science', data, and analyst credentials can reveal new, relevant, key facts to make your case, as well as future cases, successful. Was your opponent an Annie Dookhan*, or part of the 'revolving door conflicts' between regulatees and regulators? Our field investigations, long government service, & data quality evaluations can provide new strategy, information, and scientifically valid arguments that comply with Daubert standards. We give Attorneys advantages they would miss, e.g., was there a charlatan in the lab - another Annie Dookhan or Health Department charlatan? This country abounds with them and the H.R. departments who hire them because they work for low wages and H.R. folks can't tell the difference. This is so prevalent it was the second (ludicrous) scene in the Clint Eastwood movie 'Dirty Harry'.

*Ms. Dookhan's crimes in her employment at the State crime/drug lab keeps growing and growing and is now at 40,323 tainted cases over a nine year period! It took Massachusetts more than two years to start litigation against her. She got 3 to 5 so look out for her in about a year. It has been proclaimed to be the worst such case in all of State history. The situation she created is so egregious one must expect all other State/governmental laboratories will be reexamining their methods of hiring, management, QC/QA, etc. They never mentioned 'due diligence'!

We keep up with new technologies & The Sciences, and relevant Scientific literature for critical citations in our Reports of Findings, pretty much like the 50+ technical references in this site indicate. Marsh has excellent courtroom presence, successes, and presentation skills that accommodate laymen and those who have forgotten the science they may once have learned. Judges use our web site, in real time, to establish who we are and define complex scientific terms. We think outside the box-way outside.

Expert Witness in Several Areas of Chemistry, including industrial, environmental, process control, laboratory operations:

  • Railroad & Diesel emissions, noise and vibration, PM10 & PM2.5;
  • Long and short term ambient monitoring (before & after production), e.g., 'Fracking Emissions' - for a lot more than the toxic and highly controlled mercury it contains;
  • Spills & misuse of pesticides and resulting damage, and their neutralization, chemical trespass;
  • Methamphetamine management before the government finds out or shuts down your client, Our assessment minimizes cleanup costs - big time, by minimizing needed remediation;
  • Damage due to flooding or chronic, excess humidity, including poor IEQ from mold & bacteria, bad design, or marijuana/flora cultivation;
  • Failure of a Doctor to identify or assess a toxic environment as part of his diagnosis;
  • Mishandling & spills of chemical, biological, or radiological substances, including chemical weapons/agents;
  • Uninhabitable conditions in buildings due to poor indoor environmental conditions, from incompetent selection of fraudulent 'Green' products that contain deadly substances; or `Sick Building Syndrome', from such things as 'structural floors', expansive soils, and unknown toxic sources and pathways;
  • Imported toy toxics testing under new laws from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) rules;
  • Bulk food & drug testing for toxics;
  • Wildfire residue (smoke) analyses for toxic 'fingerprints';
  • Wildfire chemical characterization near fires while they still burn to have bullet proof data for smoke damage claims;
  • Cargo damaged en route. Was it rain or marine water damage? Do future shipments need real time tracking with the TrakBox™
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and chemical contamination;
  • Root Cause Analyses to identify basics;
  • Personal Injury, including teachers and students in `sick schools'; 1
  • Elder abuse from `contaminated homes and nursing homes;
  • Technical document evaluation of suspicious findings, QC, credentials, methods, or conflicts of interest - which we track;
  • Failure of fire scene protection or security;
  • Chemical spills on a waterway or aquifer;
  • Toxic gasses in buildings from underground plumes of VOCs;
  • Claim denial by allegation of arson;
  • An insurance company's data from certain arson labs in Indiana or Texas;
  • Explanations in layman's terms for the medical or scientific basis for regulation of pollutants;
  • Speaking that addresses technical topics, new regulations & the Scientific 'take' on your issues and concerns, etc.
  • Impeccable credentials, speaking, training from Gerry Spence's books, etc.

Methamphetamine: One now has an alternative to loss of Certificate of Occupancy, revenue, big government and big cleanup bills. Keep the regulatory agencies away from your clients with a call for our discreet & many proactive services, e.g., if we beat the government to a suspected 'Meth Lab', our supervision can clean it up first. Your call starts our careful, assessment services that will erase problems long before the government finds out and send a bill your client will never forget! After eviction we supervise the cleanup to Below Regulatory Concerns long before the government could find out with their methods you won't like and that will cost you dearly. Our regular, routine monitoring eliminates any guess work and any future alibis, as well as: `Take the wind out of future complainants' sails'. We have proactive programs that protect your assets discreetly and save big $$$. We follow cleanup processes that will eliminate 99% of your risks and losses.

Beware, many charlatans peddling `junk science', can easily fool the masses who are not capable of 'critical thinking' and do not realize the importance of registration of real Scientists in general and Chemists in particular. Do documents supporting your case contain junk science written by the under prepared and redacted by that company's attorney? Are data missing or look suspicious? For the prevalence of charlatans see the movie: "Catch Me If You Can". Detection of charlatans and junk science is easy for the professional Scientist. It is very easy and common for a person to claim to be a 'Chemist', etc., as it takes one to know (the difference) one. If your opponent is Dr. Andrew T. Armstrong, Ph.D., Chemist, you must call Marsh ASAP if winning easily is important. His blood pressure will peak when he sees 'Marsh'- in the legal filings. Ask for the case we prevailed over him in Norfolk, Nebraska District Court in 1999.

Our services to Attorneys' clients have generated well over $1 Million worth of favorable settlements, savings, awards, and ended some egregious situations. Ask for details and references.

We bill with flat rate fees for case consulting, development and assistance. Try our introductory service: Send or FAX a technical case you may consider and we will review it for $ 300.00 for scientific merit, tactics, winning arguments, and Scientific pitfalls.