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Revised 11 Sept., 14

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This web page is written as concisely as possible to facilitate printing, understanding, and circulation by serious, interested parties. It is copiously referenced from highly diverse, high quality Scientific sources. Nothing is copyrighted so one may cut and paste for whatever reason. Permission to copy, print, reprobuce, transfer & distribute, in whole or in part, with citation, without profit is hereby granted. We ask that you only include our citation(s), by web site. We altruistically supply this to promote this wonderful, newer Science(s), which so many, including many of America's Physicians, do not grasp.

Thank you for your time, patience, consideration, and evaluation of this unique Science and technology that actually works and will optimize environmental quality by eliminating such ubiquitous problems of such great importance. This information is also consistent with the Hippocratic Oath. We hope this site is helpful and speeds solution(s) to your problems nor concerns. No one needs be a victim. Watch for updates.

We are always interested in suggestions for improvements of this site; new, relevant sites we may link to; attorneys that have taken these type cases; Doctors who work with Industrial Hygienists; and relevant information, new laws, rules, proposed bills and regulations that we may pass on to others.

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Anyone having trouble locating these references or in need of other information needs only to call* us for assistance. We are easiest to reach in the mornings, mountain time, and sometimes on Saturdays. Feel free to use the above references for your documentation.

Call* = Sorry, we do not accept collect calls. We may be reached at (303) 421-3383, from 0800 to 1700 Mountain Time, Monday thru Friday.