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Revised 26 February, 2013.

Test Engineers, Pilot & Power Plants, and Project Managers:

We provide process control; health & safety oversight; system trouble shooting; environmental, and remediation oversight monitoring expertise and training; for pilot plant operations and other engineering projects, often in remote places and unusual times, including well fields. Typically, we track system mass balances (leak detection) chemically for energy efficiency, economics, general process understanding, or environmental compliance - in geothermal and fossil fuel fired plants. We are very well connected to methods and regulation development Scientists who are a prime source of critical information for their implementation. This includes particle and odor analyses of all kinds for ultimate identification, control, remediation oversight, and source identification & management. We can plan, design, and manage your field lab, select & train technical personnel, select instruments and automation; and select chemical, biological, & physical analyses methods & instrumentation that will be optimized for your needs. Additionally, we can provide a wide range of photographic documentation, film and digital platforms, with night, underwater, microscopic and macroscopic, on very high resolution equipment. We do the analyses that baffle others in remote places and availability when your staff isn't. We really enjoy working with Engineers, especially on unique or innovative projects.

We can bring your Engineering staff up to speed on the project's Chemistry they may have forgotten. We can work with your Engineering and tech staff to implement what is needed efficiently to side step field lab design mistakes and delays. Chemistry is a very efficient, useful adjunct to Engineering. We keep up with emerging instrumentation technology development and have very long term contacts therein.

We have experience in power plants of all sizes and operating temperatures, including coal & oil fired, and geothermal; air and water pollution point source monitoring, low cost wet chemical analyses, and management for EPA-Clean Air Act & Clean Water Act regulations; community relations; health and safety for chemical weapons demilling operations, and other dangerous chemicals. This includes the three major dangers from mercury. We have excellent communication, writing, speaking, computer training, and management skills.

We can plan, design, troubleshoot, setup, train, and manage your analytical, instrumental, wet chemical, field or remote lab for: turbine lube analyses, other unknown analyses, water (NPDES & boiler feed water), soil, whole effluent (WET) testing, including agricultural & feed lot runoff; aquifer contamination, chemical weapons, and Prevention of Significant Deterioration, (PSD) source testing; and train your personnel. We can generate the data for mass balance (Engineering) analyses. We provide the Engineer with the Scientific data used to verify Engineering facts.

Laboratory rescue of over budget, behind schedule, or questionable data are our speciality. Ditto for employee selection. We have setup and operated monitoring and analysis labs for leak detection, agricultural soils; geothermal well fluids and their constituents; asphalt plants; animal processing plants; and mobile emission testing for point; and non point source run off. The data we produce can be very predictive of things to come, prevent problems, is cost effective, and enhance efficiency. Marsh has extremely well developed mechanical aptitude. We are can-do folks on novel projects, remote places, new technologies, and automation. We write the 'check sheets' needed by others!

Are your remote facilities, in pristine areas, in compliance with Bureau of Land Management, E.P.A. and/or OSHA regulations? Are you getting complaints from neighbors or do you have concerns? Are you planning an overseas facility, possibly in a contaminated developing country or former Eastern Block country that really needs American oversight? Marsh maintains his passport.

Are you an Engineer involved in arson investigation? Have you hired Dr. Andrew T. Armstrong, Ph.D., or is he opposing your investigatory findings? You need to call Marsh ASAP if you want to prevail. You will need our help including answers to what happened to him and his expert witness testimony in an alleged arson case in Norfolk, NE in early 1999. Our knowledge of his courtroom techniques & M.O. could easily make your case successful. This case was adjudicated in district court and cost his client, a corrupt insurance company, about $500,000. Ditto for their other 'Experts' who couldn't spell 'Quality Control'! Dr. Armstrong, Professor of Chemistry in Texas since 1959, was easy to prevail over in his arson residue analyses testimony even though he literally wrote the book on it over a 30+ year period for A.S.T.M.! They were slammed so hard they decided not to appeal!

We provide monitoring information and data discreetly and manage problems to meet the regulators' rules with the assistance of your legal staff. We can also provide critical elements of HAZWOPER training, and an Industrial Hygiene safety officer for your site.

For those with short term instrument needs: Ask about our instrument rentals that come with assistance from Scientists. We have a variety of laboratory grade instruments, automation, and training for rent.