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Major Rewrite 17/4/14

Home Optimization, Anti-Aging Technologies, Illness Minimization:


This firm optimizes built environments (homes, schools, and work places) with assessment & monitoring for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Physical insults, at levels far Below Regulatory Concern (BRC) (click on 'Definitions' above to fully grasp "BRC"). We employ published Scientific methods & guidelines dictated by the 'Precautionary Principle' (click on 'Definitions' above); and data from independent laboratories we have known and trusted for over 30 years. Their Scientists, who are necessarily on the cutting edge of the newest info from the field - even before it is published, assist. The same labs are also used by the Harvard School of Public Health, National Jewish Health. Additional resources we employ come from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory whose labs are 15 km from our office. Their regular energy saving events and presentations always garner our attendance. Marsh has had over 50 hours of extremely relevant Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (L.E.E.D.) training from one of its founders, Robert Burkebile, FAIA. See: www.bnim.com. These resources create services that do for unknown, harmful exposures what some think the Food and Drug Administration, etc., are doing for our food, drugs, potable water, and health & safety. Our detailed reports are your 'Road Map' - directions for other independent firms, who then remediate and/or remodel only to the extent we specify. This can save 80 % of remediation services, which are typically more expensive than ours. Our services always include their oversight & input while remediation is underway, and post remediation assessment monitoring to establish degree of clean up. Of 62 common methods to improve Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), in the 1995 DePaul University study, our services and techniques are the only ones found to work.21 The above are the missing Quality Control and 'due diligence' required of those responsible for our buildings that allows one to die with peace and dignity, of old age, in their own bed! A corollary: Everybody knows fundamentally critical things for survival, but all obituary columns have so many and more deaths at young ages of chronic illnesses than old - the age we all expect to live to, happy, healthy, & active.

Physicians can use our findings to greatly enhance their diagnosis and treatment, especially for the very young, the aged, transplant patients, and those with predisposition to chronic or respiratory illnesses. If we report X, Y, Z; the Physician can also direct further monitoring. We gladly work with them. Expect your exposures to fall from 100 to 100,000 fold, for millions of hazards we identify, some at part per Trillion levels! Our methods easily accommodate those with a predisposition to any illness exacerbated by chronic exposures. Today, exposure levels of concern are far above laboratory detection limits of methods and instrumentation we employ. They are also far above that which causes harm, and far below BRC. We do what Physicians do not do, cannot do, never have done, and never will, starting with 'house calls'. They need our instrumentation, education, and experience that answers the pressing question "What is there that is harming my patient?". Our methods have no 'side effects', and last the life of the unchanged structure! Our flat rate, fixed fee are insignificant compared to those of Physicians, Attorneys, lost value of life/retirements, and preventable pain & suffering.

Vitamins, minerals, 'purified water', and a 'healthy regimen of diet and exercise' will never, in a million years, ameliorate harm from toxic exposures contained in the 25 kilograms of air breathed daily, in addition to all other environmental exposures.

Folks who think they can buy/build a home that won't shorten retirement without implementing our comprehensive Quality Control optimization process have been fooled by Billion$ in advertising. This intellect is elucidated in: Chomsky, N., et.al., "Manufacturing Consent", 1988. Doubters need to study this primer to grasp the subterfuge of the U.S. building industry. Click on `Definitions' above for an extremely well written definition of the 'Precautionary Principle', which includes an eloquent justification and introduction of such a process. Follow this with the definition of 'Professional Industrial Hygienist' & 'Exposure Scientist'. Basically, these make clear erring on the side of precaution and prevention pays huge benefits.

Those who focus on what's popular in the media, i.e., lead, radon, asbestos, etc., or have preconceived notions, always make gross oversights that prevents them from finding their complete solution. Many mistakenly think their home has only 'one' problem! This is NEVER the case! Like all built environments, homes are as complex as the scores of people who create them and the materials from which they are made. In fact, two identical structures, built side by side at the same time will produce very different monitoring data profiles (finger prints) before their first use! Look out thereafter! The materials' names are from the biggest chemical companies and should be the cause for alarm. For example, the biggest producer of 'green wood products' (sugar coated with the acronym 'CCA', which stands for Copper, Chromium, ARSENIC), gave this entire division to its employees with few assets, e.g., unsueable. This is very common as found directly above Evergreen, Colorado, (very high rent district) lake drinking water supply!

Essentially all American homes have many serious contaminants & gross deficiencies. Our investigations of both up scale and low cost plat homes alike, reveal such poor IEQ that our clients frequently flee, even though they were designed and built 'green' and in some cases less than 6 months old! This explains the recent development of so many web sites such as www.hadd.com (homeowners against defective designs). Click on `Links' tab above for their web site. Comprehensive, diverse monitoring of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Physical problems reveal 98 % of them, and reveal risks of others. Far and away, America's homes are a long way from being `optimized' for health and longevity.

Are you too down wind of a supposedly controlled or regulated source of emissions? Do you feel safe knowing that federal laws state that polluters who violate the law face fines equal to three times that what they saved by violating the law? Think again! It is a cruel joke that the U.S. E.P.A., etc., has been denied funding necessary to actually hire the actuaries needed to assess 'treble damages'!

Some do not take optimization benefits seriously, especially at low concentrations, by those who are Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs). In fact, they don't even want you to know for obvious reasons, especially 'Green' builders; 'Green', Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D.) certified Architects; and building materials suppliers, importers & manufacturers who do not understand or who know just what they can get away with. Our surveillance services include lifetime phone support. Attorneys can use our Report of Findings to establish and win your case with good science should that be relevant. Our reports will also identify huge savings with great remediation cost reductions by specifying only that which is needed. Remediation is the most expensive part of optimizing IEQ. We specify renewable energy solutions that frequently result in a very short R.O.I. for the costs of your project. We encourage and assist 'Do It Yourself' talented folks. Our standards and recommendations, which hover around the detection limits of modern instrument systems, will be homes' quality standards of tomorrow.

Usually, the false sense of security, of building a 'safe' home results from what they read in: MSO, (Martha Stewart Omnimedia), Architectural Digest, Bob Villa, Better Homes and Gardens, Fine Homebuilding, or Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, etc., who never address the primary function of built environments. If pictures of pretty places are all you think you need, you need not waste your time here. To help make clear what folks are up against, scroll down to the first list below 'Premises and Basics', and a little further down: 'Some of What You Are Facing'.

Others seem to think that the cost of a home, or regulations recited by realtors and supposedly enforced by some unknown government entity do the job. Not in America! Do not even think of State, Federal, or local health/building departments for any protection whatsoever on such issues. Their hearts maybe in the right place, but they have no such mandate nor funding and are likely to 'pass the buck' to under staffed building departments who couldn't possibly care less, nor have the expertise nor funding either!. Those who profit from the 'Crimes of Omission' are building (resuspending plutonium in dusts), and selling homes right up to the former, eastern entryway to the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant SuperFund MegaSite, that has not been remediated nor characterized as we read!

Building materials manufacturers, become the biggest suppliers by being the lowest bidders. They accomplish this feat in totalitarian countries using old but cheap, unregulated, dangerous manufacturing methods, whose products cannot be sold in their own country nor in Europe. Ref. Cone, Marla, "U.S. Rules Allow the Sale of Products Other Ban", Los Angeles Times, 8 Oct. '06. Think all that toxic drywall, etc. Millions of tons of toxic, unmonitored building materials arrive monthly on our shores. Scientists and the astute everywhere are appalled as such sources are so easy to identify, quantify, and eliminate before ships are unloaded. Vendors care even less about Americans' health and reap huge profits from every 'big box' store in our land. Our government is not guarding us either (many see this as Socialism!)-not even from toxic childrens' toys!

Scientific methods make it very easy to lower any and all building exposures by factors of 10,000 to 1,000,000 times! This process is no longer for just the ultra richest 1/2 of 1%. New, published analytical methods are making this easier, low cost, and thorough. Folks just do not know how to get there. We, and this un-copyrighted website do. Not to sound like Dr. Phil; but those who implement our methods will add years of retirement to all those under their roof; sidestep chronic illnesses; while minimizing your rate of aging, house cleaning, sometimes utility bills; and prevent huge medical bills and suffering; especially late in life when resources and one's ability to resist are low. The Exposure Scientist/Forensic Chemist, can be seen as the Physician of your abode who still makes house calls with so much good news and so little bad news! Our 'Patients' cannot talk-but they never forget! All Exposure Science solutions are 100% free of all 'side effects', 100% of the time!

To help achieve that end, this web site contains about 50 documented Scientific and technical references, and three dozen relevant help links. The astute realize fundamental lack of adequate building standards, regulations, and total lack of independent quality control monitoring, make American homes toxic from myriads of easily identified life shortening insults that arise from many different materials and the environment itself.

Who are the astute? The relative few who realize architects, other designers, builders, herds of skilled tradesmen, and building materials vendors, importers, & manufacturers have no understanding whatsoever of toxicology, physiology, Health Physics, Exposure Science, Industrial Hygiene, epidemiology, etc. The Precautionary Principle; required to create built environments that cause no harm, is entirely foreign to them! Building owners and managers are even worse as they refuse to record, track, or solve harmful building complaints. The Exposure Scientist identifies insults at extremely low levels for semi-skilled workers to remediate with independent oversight. This 'nips critical problems in the bud', side steps huge medical bills, increases ambiance & property values, and the length and quality of life.

Greg, son E. C. Marsh, Architect, grew up in a common, uninsulated balloon framed home, that was swimming in lead, asbestos, and pesticides! His father's architectural drawings contained the instructions: 'Use Pratt and Lambert lead based primer or equivalent'. Dad, who died of cancer, never left instructions to: 'test for toxics', optimize 'Indoor Environmental Quality', nor 'track maladies to maximize health'. He knew not that even wallpaper manufactures were lacing their product with arsenic and mercury fungicides. These unknown 'time bombs', much later, contaminate the entire structure when removed without implementing the protections of asbestos level removal procedures. Such built in dangers, and so many others, still haunt us today! Think this is over stated? Ask a disaster remediation firm for his field technician's notes prior to their redaction by the company lawyer. Or contact the American Institute of Architects, www.aia.org, for their position on independent monitoring for Indoor Environmental Quality! And what about pesticides? Otto the Orkin Man started spraying our homes, schools, and workplaces in 1901, with deadly now banned persistent pesticides (arsenic based rodenticides)? Please send their responses should any answer! These massive messes are also BRC, insidious, but far higher than our methods' detection limits. Otto was far from the first! And all those nuclear facilities and their tiny particle emissions with 'infinite settling rates', wafting in our windows? Don't touch that one! The Scientist has solutions to these dangers that realtors will never breathe a word about.

The primary investigator, G. K. Marsh, Exposure Scientist/Forensic Chemist/Industrial Hygienist, found himself in this profession in the 1960s-long before it was popular or the theme of TV's most popular show 'CSI'. His early Clean Water Act research in a pre-U.S. E.P.A. toxicology lab (itself unsafe!), required by the 'Precautionary Principal' (click on 'Definitions' above), were all monitoring based. Pieces of the ever growing 'pollution puzzle' became more and more evident from: a serious family history of cancers linked to chronic exposures, and later, the myriad of chronic, environmentally linked illnesses, e.g., COPD, asthma, cancer, Parkinson's, ADHD, and now MS, etc.; that are known to be caused by chronic exposures to so many common, easy to quantify and identify insults. Greg's message has been 'We live in a world made toxic by ourselves', or as Pogo Possum/Walt Kelly said long, long ago: "We have met the enemy and he is us!" Very sadly, it's also "every man for himself" - the government does/will not help - as made clear by Thalidomide and cristy whitman, traitor/administrator of the U.S. E.P.A., who said 9/12/01 "It's safe to breathe the air at ground zero'! She was exonerated by federal courts when sued for this unspeakable lie that will probably destroy 50+% of the life of half of the millions of folks in a huge unknown, southern part of New York City.

The above imparted on Marsh some fundamental questions, e.g., 'Why not determine what harmful insults are there?'-with modern Science, before its too late? This plight is preventable and reversible. We can find and eliminate all such problem exposures - at far less cost than doing nothing. This quality control starts with: Remove all that can be, minimize or prevent known exposures as much as possible, and remodel to minimize future exposures.

Who is Greg Marsh? Marsh finished degree studies in Chemistry long before massive grade and course inflation that started in the 1980s. Further professional education came later in a major government biological, toxicology research laboratory generating Clean Water Act of 1975 discharge standards still in use today; university research studies; during the job specialized training since 1968; study abroad (German & Scandinavia); disease incident statistics reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) Atlanta, at www.cdc.gov; and the World Health Organization at www.who.org, etc. No part of this site is copyrighted and may be copied by all, including students wishing to create an outstanding, easy to read report on so many of these poorly addressed, important, current issues. We only ask that you provide our citation.

Exposure Scientists `Fine Tune' built environments, with powerful monitoring tools, in use world-wide; resulting in huge, cost effective improvements in ambiance that put health first-far beyond American architectural standards. Our services are called the `missing Quality Control' (QC) for all 'built environments'. The building process has always minimized QC as it is always a monetary 'sink' and never a source of revenue. Immigrants need to understand that designs and materials are supplied by the lowest bidders, who are unregulated and have no understanding nor education in toxicology and other relevant professions, are a primary basis for Exposure Science, etc.

To assure maximum protection, our assessments always includes follow up monitoring of insults, from the lists below, to establish a 'Baseline' that allows for the enhanced detection of any subtle, future contamination. This includes natural and external insults including those from mining, incinerators, wildfire residues, bulk foods, and clients' special concerns.

How many casualty insurance companies recommend 'baselining', especially after flooding, etc., from an independent Scientific firm? Not infrequently our monitoring even reveals leaking, hidden plumbing and heating equipment. Consider the millions of tons of Diesel exhaust, pesticides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), aldehydes, and levels of things like carbon monoxide that permeate our world. Our methods seek out and address hundreds of thousands of the most subtle, unsuspected, harmful contaminants by groups at detection limits that preclude health problems. This includes employment of powerful sampling methods for unpredictable, episodic problems that bewilder younger inexperienced 'want-to-bes' who look good on paper. Competitors, who are big enough to have attorneys, use their legal staff to massage their 'want-to-bes' field notes to create reports that protect their company from malfeasance until we show up. Yes, we assist here too.

Our services are fully compliant or exceed: the Hippocratic Oath, the Precautionary Principle, European building policies and standards, new building standards from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), L.E.E.D., the American Lung Association: "When you can't breathe nothing else matters!", common sense, and ecological wisdom.

All our firm's work is conducted by real Scientists, not youngsters with check sheets and slathers of lawyers who defend their indefensible work. "I will not fault [them] for their youth and lack of experience", R. Reagan-strange for the man who said "trees cause pollution"! Big firms find them with ads containing '2-3 years experience required' while those who have real experience are labeled 'over qualified' - which is like having too much money in the bank! We employ no attorneys to 'massage' or 'sanitize' our Reports of Findings for anyone.

Beware of those who routinely mix remediation (semi skilled trades) with the profession of assessment as a convenience. This is a clear conflict of interest that will push your costs thru the ceiling. It is rare when the costs of remediation are less than the costs of assessment even when the independent Scientist directs and minimizes cleanup costs! Read on for the details of what needs to be considered to reverse the inadequacies, ignorance, & mistakes of the architects & other designers; builders; plumbers; building materials manufacturers, suppliers & importers; code inspectors; and their lawyers who don't want you to know! Scientists cost less than one tenth (1/10) that of lawyers, doctors & architects. Scientists have good news and are tied in first place with nurses, and teachers as the most loved of all professions!

Our flat rate, fixed price services require 12 - 18 months and ALWAYS INCLUDE post remediation assessment driven by discoveries in the laboratory data and lifetime phone support. You ask: "How much does 'discovering' (identifying) the mistakes and 'bad ideas' of others cost?" A lot less than their original costs or the costs of a single trip to the E.R. for respiratory impairments. When fully implemented, our services have a very short return on investment due to the high and growing cost of energy, drugs, and health care. Yes, energy savings from renewables are usually part of our specifications! Our bid covers all reports, lab expenses, phone support, remediation oversight monitoring & analyses, final follow up monitoring, plan of action, travel, hardware specifications, phone support, and much more. We support clients' `Do It Yourself' remediation, as a huge cost savings, as it is always much more expensive than assessment. Simply put: 'The most bang for the buck'.

Premises and Basics of Environmental Optimization & Exposure Science:

  • Who benefits from comprehensive environmental optimization? Everyone, smokers, including transplant patients, E.I.s, landlords (less litigation), and the most sensitive 20 % of the population. Removal of such hazardous substances are especially important factors for the aged, and the impaired who have special needs and concerns which are always our priority. Our easy to read reports spell out a plan of action based on generated data that can assist treating Physicians with early warnings, and regular telephone support from Scientists who speak American.

  • Our services protect Architects, Engineers and builders, etc., who, for literally thousands of years, have been filling buildings with deadly substances, to wit: lead plumbing (which I removed in my home in 1982). Some more: arsenic & mercury antifungal laced wallpaper; drywall laced with corrosive, reduced hydrogen toxics; asbestos; creosote; and other pesticides, etc.; and untested solutions for expansive soils that create massive mold & bacteria problems, to name only a few. And do not forget the Architect 'who could not be wrong because he was Wright', who built all those flat [LEAKY] roofed, high end homes! One used to be called 'Falling Water', but present owners now call it 'Rising Mildew'! Sugar coated reports will NOT be written here.
  • Architects, builders, and building materials manufacturers will ignore or fight, 'tooth and nail' any changes in their risky uses of untested materials regardless of their customers' health effects. Home owners request what home designers, builders, building materials manufacturers etc., promote & supply, while foolishly thinking government inspectors are protecting them! Like Big Pharma, Wall Street, and banksters, these corporations have learned how to socialize their risks and maximize their profits at your expense. Their lobbyists do the dirty work. The small time builder just doesn't know and slips under the radar.
  • Outdoor air quality is ever diminishing and not just from massive nuclear accidents. Exponential increases in air pollutants are required to perceive worsening air quality, so you probably do not think about it.
  • All built environments will necessarily deteriorate over time under `normal' uses and cleaning. Attached garages, their contents and common activities frequently exacerbate these problems.
  • Total risks [harm] from multiple insults [synergy] are much, much greater than the sum of their individual risks.
  • The human body is a huge, poorly understood, complex, electro-chemical cell that is adversely effected by many common pollutants that are BRC, but not medical consequences of exposure. Click on `Definitions' tab above .
  • Long term, low level exposure to an insult is much more harmful than exposure to the same total dose at a higher level and shorter term.
  • Human lungs are perfect traps for toxic gasses, aerosols, vapors, and particles. At least 5 different air sampling technologies are employed by Occupational Safety and Health Administration monitoring methods to quantify actual human exposures. In normal activity, one breathes 25 kilograms of air daily!
  • Buildings, even custom homes, are constructed by the lowest bidders, from toxic materials made in totalitarian countries that are necessarily the lowest cost. These folks have no interest, knowledge nor tracking of medical consequences of their use. All U.S. building construction codes and regulations ignore monitoring medical effects of built environments that would ID problems. Ditto for all American architectural institutes.
  • People spend far more time indoors than out. It is therefore very beneficial to optimize the environments we can.
  • An optimized environment will recover years of human life lost to many previous exposures by greatly reducing or minimizing all other stresses and all users' needs for recovery. Optimized homes are a protective Oasis in a toxic world. All built environments benefit from optimization, which is far and away cost effective even in countries with 'socialized medicine'. All Exposure Science solutions are 100.00 percent free of all 'side effects', 100.00 percent of the time.!
  • No US team of Architects, Engineers and builders can construct a building optimized for health and longevity, without rigorous Scientific oversight that must include appropriate monitoring before its first occupancy. Where is the data on your dwelling? We will give you an eye popping evaluation of their data for a small fee. Realtors, Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs), and their lawyers don't want you to know or have this data.
  • Are your bulk foods needing independent testing? Should you be purifying your drinking water prior to your use? We can tell you those benefits from the local providers reports.
  • Free standing air purifiers provide little actual benefit while totally failing to solve important Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) deficiencies for many indisputable, scientifically based reasons. Ask us for details.
  • All built environments must be designed to address three major concerns: long term predictable deterioration; short term changes in use, e.g., keeping a friend's cat for a week or two; and minimizing effects of unpredictable, sudden, short term, potentially catastrophic spills or events - more than burned toast.
  • Complementary professional knowledges required to control exposure to harmful substances and conditions are: Source(s) identification and quantification, specification and application of controls, and keeping abreast of the Scientific literature for proper follow up monitoring, etc.35
  • The US leads all first world countries in heart disease, infant mortality, infant mortality from trauma, the shortest life span; and is second worst in cancer, while sixth in income! The only remaining uncontrolled sources, significant enough to account for this debacle, are environmental conditions in the place people spend most of their time - built environments.
  • The International Building Code/Universal Building Code, IBC/UBC, is a really bad joke for the purpose of assuring quality built environments that are expected to protect & enhance life, maximize retirement, and freedom from disease & illnesses. The IBC is about as international as an old, leaky Chevy. However, the IBC has excellent instructions for the proper method of winding an electrical wire around a screw in a receptacle! Local building codes and inspectors can be much worse - ask about asbestos regulation in Alamosa, Colorado. The name suggests appropriate authorities, from nations who outlive us handily, had something to do with the development of this code. Not so! Much better to say that some of these codes have been adopted outside the U.S. in developing countries mostly to the South!

  • Even LEED, contains no methods, standards, testing protocols, nor required credentials of parties generating monitoring data needed to optimize IEQ. As if no totalitarian countries (read: lowest bidders) existed who flood our nation with toxic goods. Imagine bankers, just before the first banking disaster of the twenty-first century, fooling banking regulators and the public with self regulation!

  • All levels of government will most likely not help any individual solve or even identify IEQ problems in times of need, and can in fact make the situation much worse.11, 16.2, 15, 33, 34, and the 2005 hurricane Katrina season!
  • An Exposure Scientist/Forensic Chemist or Professional Industrial Hygienist (P.I.H.)* is your first and only line of comprehensive defense from invisible, unknown, air, water & soil borne, harmful chemical, biological, radiological and physical hazards. More recently, environmental monitoring has been realized to be thousands of times more revealing and accurate than visual inspections of heating appliances compared to experienced, skilled tradesman in detecting sources of carbon monoxide & fuel gasses; and of leaking sewage from obscure plumbing.
  • "When you can't breathe nothing else matters", motto of the American Lung Association. See: www.lungusa.org by clicking on `Links' tab above. Unlike food and drink, one must breathe at least every three minutes.
  • Scientists at this firm are from 10 to 20 times less expensive than lawyers or doctors.
  • Life & happiness end when the sum of life's harmful exposures exceeds one's tolerance to prevent their harm. Therefore, it is never too late to take control of your exposures anywhere.
  • *=Consistent with Tennessee Code: 62-40-101.

    The direction we choose for your assessment is free of preconceived notions, and cling tenaciously to clients' concerns & good Scientific principles that eliminate oversights, from practices starting in the 1960s. Assessment is directed by analytical results from laboratories we have known and trust for a long time. Our investigations start with all of he client's concerns and whatever data they already have. Our partial analyte list follows below.

    Experiences & Findings:

    'You found what [in my home]?' All unoptimized, built environments contain multitudes of easily identified, quantified, & controlled toxic substances. The list of these insults starts growing from the time of construction. Their sources are usually revealed with identification of their composition and other professionals' findings, e.g., what are lab analysts finding in other clients' comparable samples, as well as other colleagues' knowledge? We can offer these capabilities by side stepping laboratories who have conflicts, e.g., the 'bad guys' who will never find your key analyte if it could jeopardize the clients they already serve!

    Our findings reveal what homes can harbor and are as shocking as findings in schools. American Standards for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in homes, whether for new construction or remodels, do not require monitoring data nor specify credentials for such professionals and therefore are non-existent in the U.S.18. Even domestic water providers and water wells can be a very serious risk.19 These are part of our assessment process too. Their philosophy: "If it can't be seen, nobody cares. If it can, it's someone else's problem!" Preventable insults originate with designer/builder's lack of understanding of the scope of environmental considerations needed to optimize buildings, making them transparent to users while enhancing life itself.

    We supply the quality control missing in today's buildings. All quality control is a 'sink' for money and never a source of revenue. We always seek 'worst case scenarios'. For example, it is not uncommon for new homes to be sprayed with pesticides when built to deal with the possibility that unknown pests could materialize later! This is a fraudulent, lucrative, cruel, deceptive, convenient sales tool that suggests testing on humans, including children, has been completed and found to be harmless! Nothing could be farther from reality! You get their poison and they get your money! Oversight and strategic inspections by the Exposure Scientist during and after construction, preclude pesticide use and future pest problems. Pesticide applicators' huge, convenient profits must never transcend common sense, non toxic construction practices for you. Our services are your first and likely only source of quality one takes for granted.

    Without quality monitoring data, no home can be evaluated for its real human effects based on anything else, including appearances. Style, location, size, materials, regional weather, ethnicity, age, neighborhood, and cost indicate nothing. They all have their own problems and insults. To put this concept into perspective, please click on 'Survey' above and take our survey.

    Important Questions for Home Buyers:

    The following is a home owners and buyers list of essential questions, a "Right of Inquiry", to assist spotting Retirement Reducing Risks - 'Red Flags':

    • Is the home you purchased, or had designed, built or remodeled, actually conforming to your plans, good engineering, good Indoor Environmental Quality, and ASHRAE standards that won't shorten your retirement? Does the builder even know what this means and its translation? Does it even comply with the standards you desire? Can he state your standards chapter and verse? Can he substantiate that with laboratory monitoring data from published, scientific methods? Click on our `Risk Reality Survey' tab above, to get a feel for types and scope of common, ubiquitous problems & deficiencies.
    • Does it have a high L.E.E.D. score or was it built 'green'? Yes, this is frequently life shortening! 'Green' products can be swimming in pesticides! Green is not `clean' without monitoring data. "Trust but verify", R. Reagan.
    • Was it built with modern doors, windows and sealants to make it as energy efficient as possible? Can the seller or builder even state the ventilation rate and circulation (mixing) efficiency?
    • Does the builder/seller have any independent monitoring data supporting a `green' home rating? This is critical for organ transplant recipients. Built 'Green' is nothing more than a selection process conducted by those who know nothing about toxicology nor Exposure Science. Products labeled 'green' are more lucrative to the vendor & builder.
    • Does it have baffling environmental problems, illnesses, or odors? Is/are previous owner/occupants deceased? At what age? What materials are present that are in, or about to be in litigation?
    • Did your building inspectors fail to do their job causing strange questions without requiring monitoring data based solutions?
    • Did previous occupants or owners use water or air purification hardware? Why?
    • Is it in a remote area or on a well serving fewer than 25 families? If so read this page through to that issue.
    • Does it have asbestos, lead based paint, lead plumbing, `green' arsenic treated wood, or pesticides? 13
    • Has it been territory marked or occupied by pets or feral animals with obnoxious, toxic, life shortening substances or bugs? We return the ambiance you deserve.

    If any of the above are true, you are living in a home that has risks that will worsen in time with corresponding loss of health and increased aging rate which culminates in lost retirement and premature death.

    So what needs to be assessed? Essentially air, liquids, water, bulk foods, and surfaces for 98 % of known insult(s). We use published Scientific methods that come from a variety of national and international sources and over 35 years relevant expertise. We assess, starting with the client's concerns and expand to our experience and lab findings. This includes chemical, biological, radiological and physical risks. Included are: pesticides, VOCs, toxic metals, well water, fracking emissions, Chinese drywall, and much, much more, based on experience and lab folks' findings. See the following list. We usually quantify at levels far below BRC. BRC is so frequently far above medical consequences of exposure, one has no protection. Our laboratory tests can skirt the detection limits of modern instrumentation, which is far below what your nose can perceive. Our long term sampling, up to 30 days and nights, and the near absence of quick and dirty 'grab sampling' greatly complements what you need to know for good health. Our testing protocols are driven by laboratory results as they are generated. We apply our Scientific judgment and experience from industry, government (environmental research), academia, and private, Scientific epidemiologic research to plan and execute your comprehensive, customized assessment.  

    The following is a partial list of analytes quantified in our comprehensive Indoor Environmental Optimization investigation, reported in our written report(s) in "Proposal 'A'":

    • Aldehyde panel, airborne, (these are the really bad guys);
    • Allergens, exogenous (from external sources, e.g., plants & animals);
    • Asbestos, airborne, water borne and in solids, and is still out there;
    • Biological agents;
    • Chemical agent & chemical weapons residues;
    • Clandestine monitoring of contamination;
    • Combustion compounds, including carbon monoxide, and soot;
    • Contamination causing poor indoor environmental conditions, including `Sick Building Syndrome';
    • Contaminates from attached garages and work spaces;
    • Chronic deterioration of built environments;
    • Over watering-chronic wetness, leaking pipes; including flues,
    • Clothing and fabric contamination;
    • Diesel emissions & noise;
    • Dirty HVAC ducts;
    • Drugs, including methamphetamine (Meth) operations;
    • Endocrine mimicking compounds (these guys are everywhere);
    • Filth, general;
    • Fire & unique forest fire residues remaining after restoration;
    • Food, crop, and soil metals contamination;
    • Metals (toxic) in well water and airborne;
    • Oil and grease in soil;
    • Paint vapors;
    • Pesticides and their residues;
    • Radioactivity of building materials and building sites;
    • Radon, ambient and dissolved in well water;
    • Temperature swings;
    • Tobacco smoking residues;
    • Toxic building materials, think Chinese drywall, etc.;
    • Vapors from carpet & mastics;
    • Broad range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) some specified above;

    The following are a list of additional risks for our enhanced and highly recommended "Proposal 'B'" (see justification) investigation's written reports:

    • Mold and bacteria, respirable & non respirable, viable & non viable, Legionella, from flooding or chronic, excess humidity, bad design, or marijuana & plant cultivation;
    • Gasoline and solvent vapors migrating indoors from contaminated aquifers;
    • Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUSTs) and their toxic gasses (VOCs) in buildings. (Justification) Highly recommended if gasoline dispensing can be found within 10 kms upstream (ground water);
    • Medicine contamination and strength;
    • Analyses of bulk foods for toxic metals and pesticides in your premises, that may or may not have been revealed in the press (yet);
    • Skunk and animal odors;
    • Total composition of metals, precious, & semi-precious stones in 10 valuables including jewelry, by non-destructive analyses.

    Your Environmental Problems' Scope of some of What You Are Facing!

    American homes are built with myriads of toxic Chemicals and sold without: IEQ monitoring data, commissioning, tracking users medical effects, baseline monitoring; nor monitoring for insults other than radon, lead & asbestos! nor even the use of non toxic building materials, nor concerns for ventilation until 2004. Add Architectural negligence, and indifference. With their concurrence, OSHA IAQ standards proposed in 1994 were blocked with help from the tobacco & pesticide industries, and building owners & managers (BOMAs). But it gets even worse: e.g., underground plumes, are tainting homes with toxic, explosive levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and more, sometimes more than 10 kms away and toxic far below the human smelling threshold.

    Across the country, old & new neighborhoods are being discovered with toxic plumes on aquifers below their properties not unlike Love Canal, N.Y. in the 1970s. Concerns are growing about underground plumes of toxic solvents streaming off military, nuclear, government, and industrial facilities' leaking underground storage tanks and improper dumping. Solvent plumes can also be sources of explosive levels of toxic gasses when accumulating inside a dwelling.15 Research has identified gasoline station plumes 6 kilometers off site, and airborne plumes of 2,4,D, the infamous herbicide (half of Agent Orange), still sold everywhere to anyone, migrating 20 kms! A little progress is being made after years and years of litigation from watchdog groups. This forced a few regulatory agencies to live up to their mandates and stop being industry sycophants. But still the U.S. E.P.A. and others have used a very bad computer model from dubious sources, here and in England, to ascertain health risks of homes above underground solvent plumes. This model frequently underestimates risks by a factor of 400 times,16 causing E.P.A. risk managers to give clean bills of health to poisoned dwellings far and wide. These are particularly diabolical as inside concentrations grow slowly, masking normal physiological warnings but not the medical consequences of chronic exposure.

    In the high rent district of Chicago's North Shore, chunks of friable asbestos, from previous uncontrolled, illegal dumping in Lake Michigan, is washing ashore! These shore line curiosities are subsequently carried into nearby up scale homes by children and the ignorant.

    Some diseases linked to environmental exposures are very frightening, not the least of which is breast cancer. Our monitoring methods can easily reveal clandestine carcinogens long before a Doctor finds cancer. We know one lady, an American college educated member of Brazil's ruling elite, who had prophylactic pre-cancer, double mastectomies based on family history. Had she instead conducted a full environmental optimization of her family's environments, each member would have realized the benefits and saved great sums of money and suffering.

    Many other diseases are strongly linked to environmental, chemical exposures, they include: Asthma (very diabolical to kids); Parkinson's, see: www.pdf.org/aboutdisease/overview/symptoms.html; Lung disease, see: www.lungusa.org; Lupus, see:www.lupus.org/education/cause.html; Cancer, see:www.nci.nih.gov/cancerinfo/prevention-genetics-causes.causes; and Many, many more, see: www.cdc.gov/exposurereport; to name only a few from a growing list as new research comes in. The continuing development of computers and computer managed research data, as well as the ever growing results of the Human Gnome Project, are greatly expanding known links between the composition of environmental exposures and many common diseases.

    Biologicals, usually called microbes, are living chemicals which are very, very troubling to Exposure Scientists and Physicians for several very important reasons. One major reason is they grow, under common conditions, at an exponential rate 1-2-4-8-16-etc., and have been everywhere, all the time, for hundreds of millions of years. And they can mutate too! It is necessary to quantify both mold and bacteria for proper building operation and good human health. Mold exposure can be fatal, while bacteria levels indicate other things, including important overall building conditions, and leaking sewage not yet visible. Mold exposure has been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

    Serious interest in microbes started with the findings (Wash your hands now!) of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, M.D., ca. 1845. at that time, German hospitals doing pathology had a 20% death rate of birthing mothers! Pathologists at the time thought nothing of delivering babies while dripping with pathological fluids from cadavers-before modern refrigeration! Few, including Doctors, would listen to Semmelweis's statistically based realizations, just like those of the Exposure Scientist of today. This easy to remember 1955 CBS story was on "You Are There", narrated by Walter Cronkite. In about 1880, Dr. Louis Pasteur proved, beyond a shadow of doubt, exactly why Dr. Semmelweis was right long after he died of the infection(s) he is credited for discovering. To this day, based on hospital infection rates, medical facilities are about as contaminated as our homes, schools, & workplaces.

    Secondly, Mold species number in the 100,000s, and the vast majority are either harmless or necessary for good health, thus giving a false sense of security. Molds and bacteria are very dynamic in specie turnover and growth. Therefore one has no more than 72 hours to dry things out. Fortunately, Science has identified most molds, including harmful ones. Some are very toxic, pervasive, and insidious, e.g., mold and their associated mycotoxins and mVOC emissions. Ask! They can also remain dormant for a long time or die off, leaving toxic remains. Ditto for cockroaches, lice, & bed bugs-dead or alive!

    Biological and chemical emissions from dogs & cats, sometimes with pervasive, delayed health consequences appearing much later in life, make their etiology very difficult. Johns Hopkins University has been researching this for a long time. Read on-you will never find these studies in a pet store! Maladies from pet emissions have to be considered from alarming growth in patients with lung diseases. Thirdly, it takes a special, uncommon Scientist to ID and quantify them: a Microbiologist with real world experience. Forthly, proper quantification requires a more expensive pumped sample with particle sizing that does not contaminate samples, but is more expensive & uncommon than cheap passive sampling. This is very doable with some pricey instrumentation.

    The presence of biologicals are very serious, monetarily, medically, and to the structure of your home. See www.policyholdersofamerica.org, from our `Links' page, and read Melinda Ballard's story about her battle with invisible, one celled monsters in her brand new 22 room mansion. To this day, she and her family's health is in recovery. She was cheated by the designer, builder, and engineer before her insurance carrier tried to do the same. Her story is riveting. After she was awarded $32 Million, the entire industry re-wrote their coverages!

    Microbes, which are easy to control, are great indicators of how a built environment is actually working. High levels of bacteria can easily indicate an invisible leaking sewer pipe. Some microbes are 'extremophiles' that live above 100 degrees Celsius; and like chemicals, are invisible & odorless at dangerous concentrations. Effective control solutions are a proactive, routine, monitoring program patterned after the quality control (monitoring) methods of a potable water provider. To be adequately protected from harmful, airborne microbial exposures, biological monitoring must include mold and bacteria, viable and non viable, respiratory and non respiratory. Non viables must be evaluated by optical and/or scanning electron microscopy. This is NEVER overkill! Monitoring must continue until the environment is well enough understood to plan a reduced, strategic, routine monitoring program. This is called 'results driven monitoring'.

    Radiologicals are very ubiquitous, disturbing, odor free, invisible and usually occur as Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs). Frequently they occur in masonry; plus the gas radon, which is inexpensive to monitor. They are found in such places as building materials, well water, and mined lands. Wells serving fewer than 25 families are exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Common household things can also contain radioactivity, such as certain glazes on china. Pre-construction monitoring eliminates the first round of risks that usually manifests itself as elevated, long term exposures that lead to cancer, one of the top causes of premature death in the U.S. Research of uranium miners' highly accurate dose measurements probably make radon the most well understood toxin known, and has shown radon in built environments to be the second greatest cause of lung cancer after smoking. No one talks of what else it may be causing. The U.S. rate of cancer is the second greatest in the entire industrialized world! This makes it clear, to those who care, we need a lot more prevention which is very 'doable' and not very costly.

    Radioactivity's greatest danger is when 2.5 micron and smaller airborne, radioactive particles are trapped in the lungs, such as radon decay products, fissionable radionuclides from nuclear weapons manufacturing and test sites, and fugitive mining dusts. Such small particles can have 'infinite settling rates', which means they can easily travel from Northern Japan to the U.S. These trapped particles then continually hammer adjacent cells, the perfect scenario for a tumor site. Think the government is protecting you? Read on and think again. Such common sense controls were labeled costly 'socialism' long ago but, in fact, are highly efficient and effective protection!

    It gets much worse. in the mid 1950s, an exceptional female physician/scientist working in Britain, Dr. Alice Stewart, M.D., discovered that exposure to X-Rays by pregnant women (often merely for sex determination) resulted in greatly increased incidence of leukemias in their children. She thought her research findings, which cost the British Government only 1000 pounds Sterling, would be as well received by British authorities as they were by the rest of the world. But this was not to be. In fact she never, not once in the rest of her career, received another research grant/contract, etc., from those bureaucrats who held the purse strings! They were in bed with those who profited from the newly developed technique of medical X-Rays and wished to peddle the lie that it was without risks. Dr. Stewart herself related this story in a public presentation in Lakewood, CO, when she was 91 (cf. Gayle Greene, 1999: "The Woman who Knew Too Much: Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation," U. Michigan Press). We are all so fortunate that her prediction of her death that  year  was four years too soon.

    Another example involves that of a professor of biology, Harvey ¨ Nichols, Ph.D., U. of Colorado at Boulder, who had a surprising experience with contractors for the U.S. Department of Energy at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant near Golden Colorado, a SuperFund MegaSite. Due to his expertise in small particle airborne distribution he was asked by DOE to study aerosols at Rocky Flats in 1975-6 under a small contract to answer the question: Do small particles of plutonium attach themselves to airborne particles in the natural environment, such as pollen, to be transported and possibly inhaled off site? He found that freshly fallen snow at Rocky Flats was unexpectedly "hot" (loaded with very large numbers of radionuclide particles) due to unknown origin (at the time). A decade later (and on the record) he asked Rockwell officials, contractors for DOE, whether they emitted small quantities of very tiny plutonium particles as part of routine operations at Rocky Flats. When they answered "Yes" the mystery was solved, for the snow had scavenged the plutonium particles  from  the aerosol effluent of the nearby smokestacks. The entire Rocky Flats site, much of which is now the Rocky Flats National Wildlife  Refuge, was dusted with plutonium particles of respirable size for the 38 years of its operation, and that hazard largely remains in place as public recreation is planned for that Refuge.

    Nichols presented these and other findings to DOE to justify additional modest funding to study whether plutonium particles from Rocky Flats were being blown to Denver and Boulder but funding was refused, and no further support for these pioneering studies was ever granted.

    Many radiological risks are still stated in terms of risk of cancer mortality to laboratory animals while other dangers, such as human birth defects, are ignored. It gets worse for folks when adding risks of trying to successfully extrapolate animal study results to humans. Well water laced with radionuclides and usually other toxic substances, create a `synergistic effect'17, which is very much greater than the sum of individual risks. Some isotopes replace elements in bones making them radioactive, a condition considered impossible to reverse. Time is of the essence! A former colleague discovered the worst home in Colorado had bathroom radon concentrations that would exceed the E.P.A. guideline (guidelines are unenforced) of 4 pico Curies per liter by 2000 times in the course of one 5 minute shower! Sadly, the victims included two teenage boys, who had been exposed to these levels for the first 16 years of their lives after the start of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The SDWA has `teeth' but frequently fails miserably. Everyone must protect themselves and family as government fails frequently.

    In fact, homes all too frequently have what we label as massive Physical Contamination. These can be pristine looking (like wilderness streams and lakes that appear spotless), but are filthy, toxic, and retirement shortening from invisible levels of cat & dog emissions, dead (mummified) animals, insects and parts, ducts made dirty with construction wastes, crawl spaces polluted with rotting debris, leaking plumbing, solvents, fuels, smog, mold, bacteria, radon, lead, arsenic, mercury, estrogen mimicking compounds, asbestos, nanoparticles, etc. Their identification is beyond the capabilities of 'building inspectors', who not uncommonly see so much of this that they ignore it! This still requires Scientific evaluation. More ubiquitous sources of problems include common household products. The U.S. E.P.A. have found homes to contain more than 60,000 dangerous chemicals!7 During their manufacture, OSHA compliance is required as well as compliance with hazardous waste disposal rules. We can advise you of free and low cost alternatives of most of them, just remember to include this on your growing 'laundry list'.

    Fine particles and nanoparticles are another not so new and new, serious concern. Inert, fine particles, of non toxic substances, are very retirement shortening even if not radioactive nor viable microbes. Consider asbestos and silicates in some wind blown dusts. Damage from these exposures cannot be reversed but everything else can be ameliorated to lower total risk and housekeeping too. This has been such a recognized problem for a long time that J. Caesar dealt with it by closing or opening doors and windows. But they had a life expectancy of about 29 years. Today we can do a whole lot better, about six orders of magnitude (one million times) better, with low cost technology. This also applies to wetting, microbes, and temperature swings that usually accompany particulate problems, which are themselves strong indicators of other fundamental problems. It is not rare to see this in new 'Green' buildings, some with high LEED scores, as they too have never been optimized for human health. Lowest bidders strike again.

    As if the above facts are not bad enough, remediators can make you wish you were stuck with a 'meth lab', a bad car, or roofers! Many are small time hoodlums, paying wages so low that their employee turnover is too high for this firm and other responsible firms can make a recommendation. Big firms, who illicitly mix remediation with assessment, capitalize on this problem by offering the convenience of both - at your expense. The whole purpose of the entire remediation industry's existence is to maximize every single cost you can possibly incur. 'All inclusive' will not protect you! They will use change orders to drain your bank account for all they can get away with. Many have no scruples whatsoever. They are masters at the multitude of deceptions they can and will perpetrate on you. This starts with the CEO and works its way all the way up to the lowest paid worker through their industry wide training and policies. Do not be swayed by a 'pretty boy' estimator/schmoozer who writes your estimate. The only folks who count are the guys on site doing this 'unskilled' work. Expect few to speak English or be making more than minimum wages. This NEVER reduces your costs, not one penny, unless you 'do it yourself' - which we recommend and support 100%. BTW, do not ever expect those at the top to EVER TELL THE TRUTH about anything! Call for details.

    Guilty Parties - Are These Your Friends?

    The remainder of this web page is optional reading but contains very interesting new knowledge that many will find riveting, and necessary for successful Environmental Optimization.

    Shun national builders whose name starts with `Rich...', as they are arrogant, fraudulent, disrespectful, deceitful, use remediation firms without independent oversight, nor disseminate monitoring data when their 'cleanup standards' have been met! Many disappeared when their crimes caught up with them while their creations remain. This same firm built almost 3,000 up scale? homes (many over a million dollars) in Superior, Colorado, on expansive soils with an untested process of using structural floors. This is the placement of the basement floor well above ground level soils, thus creating a large hidden space that is atmospherically coupled to living spaces above. Sooner or later it gets permanently wet making it a swamp with mold, bacteria, bugs, creepy crawlies, and vapors that migrate into living spaces above. These cause havoc with the health of the occupants. Many real estate folks will call this upscale housing! Rather than solve these problems the builders bribed the Colorado State Legislature to cap damage awards at $ 250,000, greatly minimizing a new home owner's legal recourse. Few people realize these problems until they have manifested themselves as serious illnesses, just after their one year construction warranty expires!

    Combined, synergistic risks of groups of insults are much greater than the sums of their individual risks. Research has found it to be closer to the mathematical product rather than a simple sum of all insults' risks. Slowly, insurance companies and litigation, are forcing removal of: Green colored CCA wood, treated with copper, chromium, & arsenic; underground storage tanks; chlordane and creosote anti termite treatments used in wood construction products; and radon.

    Laws try to control where homes may and may not be built, due to unacceptable environmental conditions, but developers, influence peddlers and dirty money frequently subvert what weak regulations exist and place you at great risk.1, 11.1, 15, 37 Developments can be downwind of urban, industrial, military and nuclear weapons production and testing facilities. Such places include remote areas of Alaska, and Albany & Troy, NY; the World Trade Centers, NYC; that are down wind of northern Japanese, Chinese and Nevada nuclear test sites, and bombing sites, respectively.16.1 The rest of us are all now downwind and downstream of the Japanese nuclear melt down and disaster - that their authorities criminally play down. Many more building sites become contaminated long after construction, from migration of unexpected industrial & military sources, old and new. Test before you buy. Lack of awareness & enforcement leads to toxic places to live long after development is finished. We have no suitable response to a shocked new home buyer with serious IEQ problems when he asks: 'Why should I have to test my brand new home?'.

    What have Regulatory Agencies done to limit these exposure risks? Far from enough! Or, to quote the late student loved Professor of Environmental Studies Adrienne Anderson: "They are doing what they do best - nothing at all!" The U. of Colorado, Boulder, fired her under pressure from their big, corporate donors. Similar to what they did when they discovered asbestos dangers in 1940, but ignored it until 1980. This created, at the time, the biggest court judgment in corporate history! This never reversed anyone's lost retirement. And again with asbestos from corporate dumped taconite mine tailings into Lake Superior, discovered in 1971. The newly formed U.S. E.P.A., at that time, recommended local citizens keep drinking Lake Superior water as no proof of danger had yet been found (nor sought)! And they knew nobody had bothered to look either! Their M.O.: "Let's all be industrys' Guinea Pigs" - they'll keep their profits while socializing their down side costs to their neighbors! In 1971, when a graduate student found unexpected elevated levels of mercury in Michigan's Lake St. Claire and its edible biota, it was "Deja Vu"! Little has changed for the better in the ensuing 40 years. Now we face massive mercury emissions from natural gas "Fracking". Concerns and cleanup funding have always been far too little, far too late and is far worse now. One who does not optimize himself will never recover lost retirement.

    Important as it is, forty-four percent of Americans drink `potable' water from providers who get a `D' or `F' for the quality of the reports they file to regulatory agencies as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).19 Further, chlorinated drinking water research has demonstrated that chlorine, and its byproducts (one group being trihalomethanes), are putting all pregnant women at great risk of birth defects and miscarriages.20 Additionally, a large proportion of total consumption comes from small wells serving fewer than 25 people - unregulated by the S.D.W.A.! A Colorado water well permit requires only one test for bacteria alone after it first clears, regardless of well depth, geological knowledge of toxic metals, pesticide use, leaking underground storage tanks, or other scientific knowledge of huge areas contaminated with deadly smelter effluents including arsenic! Ironically, the most common victims of under tested drinking water are wealthy people who can afford to build in remote places. Beware, the foolish are notorious for lack of testing, never think of it, while drinking from lead crystal containers! Beware -bring your own glass. Folks in a big city ghetto and our clients never have this problem! Our services are the missing SDWA protections.

    In the U.S., incidence of birth defects and serious respiratory diseases, such as asthma, are growing alarmingly and are themselves a very sensitive indicator of the presence of certain environmental contaminants. For example, some common household substances, such as pesticides and detergents, are now known to mimic and disrupt endocrines and cause alarming, irreversible damage to the unborn, including male sterility, penis maldevelopment, and compromise immune systems.14 This insidious, diabolical problem is not eliminated by waste water treatment processes as these non biodegradable substances easily pass through sewage treatment plants causing extremely long term, irreversible environmental damage far downstream.

    It is a well known fact that chemical, biological and radiological pollutants accelerate aging and hence death. Much less known is the Marsh axiom: "Life ends upon exposure to one more insult than is tolerable", and: "We are constantly being exposed to multiple insults with synergistic effects, that can be greatly minimized at low cost." Another: "The difference in sensitivity to any given insult, between the least and most sensitive members of a large population, is commonly as much as a factor of 1,000,000 times". It follows: "Those who contract cancer and other diseases were exposed to levels of agents that were above that person's threshold of tolerance". The good news: Today's Science can easily and reliably detect such insults far below toxic levels.

    Concerned independent Scientists and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the U.S. have important input. Sadly, they are sorely underfunded and frequently ignored, like Ignaz Semmelweis and Child Bed Fever in the nineteenth century; Ralph Nader on banking protections thru early 2008, and countless others throughout history. Scientists see this as Quality Control, which Always has a cost and is never a source of revenue. Apathy, spineless regulators & politicos are omnipresent and cannot be trusted to protect us!

    U.S. regulatory agencies continue to set and enforce fewer and fewer health and safety standards everywhere. Nor have they conducted the necessary, relevant, overdue, supporting research. They are unprepared to protect you and your property. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had budget cuts 18 of the last 19 years as of 2008. How many other regulatory agencies have the same problem? The bad news: Their administrators come from the industries they are charged with regulating who also give the largest campaign donations! Tragically, the age old problem of incompetent morons and self serving politicos at the top are still blocking real protection for you with bad policy decisions, dictated by their sources of election revenue. See: "Food Inc.", DVD.

    These hurt us all with collateral damage to real professionals resigning from critical regulatory agencies for moral reasons. A good example of this phenomenon is the highly publicized 'The air at ground zero on 9/12/01 is safe[sic]', from Christy Whitman, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She knew it wasn't, or that it could not possibly have been even remotely possible. Society was not fooled by her attempt to shift the blame to her vast scientifically competent staff who knew better, and now see her as a new hitler. Deaths: Terrorists 2957; Whitman/Bush 100,000s over the next 30-50 years! Their toll is rolling in. Failure to regulate yesterday creates problems today and far into the future.

    And it gets worse: "RADIATION EXPOSURE LIMITS WEAKENED IN DEPARTING BUSH MOVE. Huge Hikes in Allowable Radioactivity in Drinking Water, Air and Soil. ...Outgoing Acting EPA Administrator Marcus Peacock signed off on the new Protective Action Guide [PAGs] on 15 Jan 09.... The radiation `PAGs' are supposed to be protocols for protecting the public from radiological incidents ranging from nuclear power-plant accidents to transportation spills to `dirty' bombs to contamination events at metal recycling facilities. [This is very different from the Price-Anderson Act.] In October, 2008, the Bush administration shrugged off objections filed by more than 60 public health and environmental groups...including a nearly 1000-fold increase in permissible concentrations of strontium-90, 3000 to 100,000-fold for iodine-131, and a nearly 25,000 fold increase for nickel-63. In the most extreme case, the new standard would permit radionuclide concentrations seven million times more lax than permitted under the Safe Drinking Water Act." From: http://www.peer.org/news/news_id.php?row_id=1151

    Can Physicians find the sources of your environmental insults? Only marginally, at 10 to 20 times greater cost than an Exposure Scientist. Doctors would still need monitoring assistance and instrumentation, if they made house calls. When will they be willing to ask for or accept scientific services from outside their own profession? They even choose to ignore sources of critical information in their own professional journals and colleagues.23 Ask your holistic or otherwise Physician, Allergist, or Chiropractor, for the last time he/she retained the powerful services of a professional Scientist to assist with a patient who had a difficult to diagnose environmentally linked illness. Aren't America's Doctors guilty of at least two crimes: The sins of omitting the fact that practical, low cost Scientific solutions are easily available; and the Hippocratic Oath `I will do no harm', while choosing to shun environmental monitoring data?

    It gets much worse. Doctors and their societies give lip service to `preventive medicine', but do not support Industrial Hygiene title protection in the State of Colorado, nor implement this Science. How often do medical practitioners misdiagnose from lack of knowledge of patients' environmental conditions and exposures? Why don't they recognize this important field? Additionally, they have never provided serious support for the `School Environmental Protection Act of 2001'. Is this "Doing No Harm?" When was the last time Physicians supported any Scientists outside their own? See: www.questionabledoctors.org for criminal actions against the tiny percentage of bad Physicians who cause over 50% of malpractice costs in your State. are rigorously protected by big, self serving medical associations. These have been recently made public on the InterNet by Dr. Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D., after a major 30 year battle.

    Nor do they pressure their insurance industry to cover the real 'preventive medicine' of environmental assessments, that would easily reveal what doctors need to know for an effective prognosis and treatment for their patients whose illness is suspected or known to be linked to environmental exposures. This should be billed under 'Doctors' services'. Physicians seem to 'stone wall' this as if it might reduce their 'bottom line"! Hardly, as so much illness goes untreated, clearly reflected by the greatly reduced life span of Americans. Ask for Marsh's heavily referenced white paper on the $ 1 Trillion per year savings to be had with partial implementation of real 'preventive medicine' from Industrial Hygiene Science. Ask your Physician about his/her environmental training and their use of published Scientific monitoring methods, of their patients' environments, from an independent Scientific study. This would be very low cost compared to out patient and in patient charges and should be covered by Physician services. In fact, a Physician seeing many patients from the same places, e.g., Katrina Land, may need to request existing data from such studies. Do not assume this to be the case.

    Unlike some of us, very few Doctors even optimize the use of their software to diagnose & track maladies (linked to environmental exposures), their prevalence & distribution among their own patients' data-in vast contrast to the Science of I.H. Such findings could be reported to health departments or written up, on a 'massive scale', in an article for publication for the betterment of the whole community. Throughout history they have even rejected or ignored findings of their own colleagues, including Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis,23 who successfully employed tracking statistics, to isolate and identify the real cause of deadly 'child bed fever'.

    Even Dr. Doris Rapp, M.D., bless her heart, refused to use the words `Industrial Hygienist', or 'Exposure Scientist' (who practice real 'preventive medicine') even once in her 635 page book10 which is 90% pure Exposure Science/Industrial Hygiene. And she failed to state the fact that virtually all such services are permanent and totally free of "side effects". When taken to task on this issue, she admitted that "Doctors were too proud" [sic]. Send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for our letter and her response.

    Could Architects and Engineers solve these problems? Yes, with assistance and oversight of a Scientist who's expertise, instruments, and their client's full cooperation and funding. This doesn't happen unless their client/buyer is astute enough to demand and fund what amounts to real 'due diligence', at this ideal time. The painful, life shortening diseases of asbestos exposure were quantified and revealed by manufacturers' Scientists in 1940, but Architects and their colleagues continued to specify it, and many others, until enough people died forcing its ban by health and regulatory agencies, unrelated to the 'design-build' industries in 1980. Ditto with the pervasive lead juggernaut based debacle in paints (including up wind spraying operations), plumbing fixtures, lead sweated copper plumbing, and countless others. Along with all that are arsenic and mercury fungicides in wallpaper (forgotten time bombs during removal much later on). These are still being dodged by those responsible for its use. They have contributed nothing to the discovery of building caused human diseases. This includes ASHRAE standards for IEQ, which, until recently, are solely based on human, olfactory responses, among that part of the healthy, adult population that can actually participate in their otherwise excellent human exposure tests, which are conducted in large, dirty, filthy, toxic urban places that tend to preclude the most sensitive members of the population! They cannot grasp health problems resulting from their creations as this concept is also wholly foreign to their training. They refuse to perform 'baselining' for new buildings, that would not only protect their own interests but continually improve their products just like medicines. Our baselining far exceeds building commissioning. We can do a lot better than this. A's & E's could band together and set minimum standards for Indoor Environmental Quality separate and apart from government regulators or intervention. As Dr. A. Einstein reportedly said: "A problem cannot be solved by those who created it".23.1 He also said "Great ideas have always met violent opposition from mediocre minds".

    Nor do they care, beyond their personal liability, as their work is only guaranteed for one year! In fact, the newly remodeled, beautiful, historic (19th century, office building Architects selected for their State headquarters for the major American architectural institute in downtown Denver. It stank and functioned so embarrassingly badly, they had to move out before the end of their lease! They then moved into a much newer, high end office building that was so contaminated with asbestos it could be seen in the elevator portals! This building, the joke of local Exposure Scientists, also housed some of the State Attorney General's staff! See the web site: www.aia.org, and search with the exact phrase: 'indoor air quality', 'indoor environmental quality' 'IEQ'. Please inform this firm if you should ever find anything. Ditto, check their roster of classes for Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) training seminars for periodic, required, continuing education credit for their license maintenance. None Exist! They offer no courses for addressing retirement shortening toxins in a structure in spite of astronomical medical costs to users.25

    Finally, all the Doctors, Architects, HVAC Engineers, builders and bankers, with all their wealth, influence, and connections, failed to get passage of the OSHA proposed rule, on 5 April, 1994, "Indoor Air Quality: Proposed Rule", for indoor air quality standards in non industrial work places.25 These would have been adaptable to homes. Little evidence exists that they even tried. Much indicates they 'stonewalled' it! This proposed rule was a result of a federal court suit brought by the American Lung Association, Group Against Smoking and Pollution (G.A.S.P.), and Public Citizen in 1987, to force O.S.H.A., under existing emergency powers, to implement IAQ standards in non industrial workplaces that would have prevented many environmentally linked diseases. It was effectively blocked by the tobacco, pesticide and building owners' & managers' societies by 1996. During the Clinton administration, O.S.H.A. failed to promulgate one single new regulation for control of workplace hazards, for the first time in any four year period in their history, and he served for eight! Scientists in this field have said he turned the agency into a consulting group, pushing us back into the 19th century and penalties for on the job fatalities were all but eliminated.37, 38,39 And his successor was a lot worse as he did more of the same and never reversed any of his misdeeds!

    Other Places that need Environmental Optimization:

    Parents and Teachers, do you suspect your children are in a Toxic School or have Environmental Illness? Most American schools are in dreadful condition1. Are your children doing as well as desired in school? Are children dragging home too many illnesses? Did their grades take a noticeable jump when they changed schools? Click on "Schools" tab above. Do you still have to comply with "No child left behind" - which some astute school leaders call: "No child left Unharmed"? Do you suspect poor or substandard building conditions causing poor grades, loss of academic and athletic achievement, attention problems, or anti-social behavior? Do you suspect problem contamination that is Below Regulatory Concern but above harmful & deleterious medical effects? What is the school District's Indoor Environmental Quality budget? Will they supply, under the "Open Records Act", its monitoring data that verifies the facility(s) is working properly? Or does it have problems no one will admit to? Marsh is an experienced expert at solving such problems even in very poor mining districts with very tight budgets. Ask for his techniques, key questions, and details.

    Teachers, are you suffering from a building that isn't transparent to its users and enhancing its uses? Are school heating and cooling appliances filthy because you have never seen them being properly cleaned? Ask the custodian when they were last cleaned. Many school HVAC appliances were not even designed to be cleaned, or are built without needed accesses? Has the school your children attended ever been assessed or optimized by an independent Scientist? Findings and data please. If not, you have much to gain at a cost that is a lot less than that of your child's illnesses. This is easy to understand when one realizes that school principals & superintendents are likely to be teachers from non technical teaching jobs, completely unprepared to understand building management, maintenance administration and optimization, and whose selections are politically driven. Click on "Schools" above.

    Do you need to organize concerned parties to achieve real improvements because administrators aren't/won't listen and refuse to generate the Scientific monitoring data that 'tells all'? If you have the courage for action ask administrators these critical questions: Do you have real concern for optimizing building performance that goes beyond lip service? What is the budget for this? Where is your plan? If it isn't written it doesn't exist. Who is the independent Scientist for timely assessments, emergencies, and remediation oversight, follow up monitoring, and what are his credentials? Ask us for important, key questions on such a Request For Proposal and answers for taxpayers who are willing or wish to finance a new school. For real action click on "Schools" above, read Alinsky, Saul, Rules for Radicals, (NYC: Random, 1972). All know this is a short 'must read' as he was murdered just after the book came out, and unsolved to this day! Give us a call at (303) 421-3383, and ask for Greg. We can win this one easier than you think.

    Do you have a loved one who is in or will be going to a Nursing Home or Assisted Care Center? The crimes perpetrated on the defenseless with dementia by too many CEOs are beyond belief-driven by greed and lust of money. The following also applies to schools and cruise ship lines. Have you read or heard the horror stories of their filthy condition? Those with dementia cannot file a complaint nor explain, but the building never 'forgets'. The following is a of list of essential questions for their wealthy owner/management corporations needed by responsible parties to cull out the homes with horrible, ubiquitous, preventable, substandard conditions:

    • Where is your IEQ management plan? If it is not written it does not exist.
    • What is your IEQ budget?
    • Who is responsible for it's regular implementation and tracking of complaints? What is the scope and budget of this person's authority?
    • Where is a copy of this persons resume?
    • Where are your complaint tracking forms and your written records of their resolutions?
    • Who is and where is the contact information of the independent Exposure Scientist on call for difficult problems & routine monitoring?
    • Where are the annual monitoring data results?
    • Are leaking underground storage tanks or other sources close enough to this facility to be a risk? How is this known & tracked?
    • Is it in a remote area on a well that has had only one initial test required by the local health department?
    • For cruise ship lines: where are your sewage treatment records of this 'floating city'? Do they get approval of www.oceana.org?

    Recently Marsh completed an 18 month in depth study and three page proposal for vastly improving Colorado's nursing homes with modern, established, Scientific methods that include key monitoring with established, cost effective, published Scientific methods used throughout the 'first world countries' with expected purpose & success. This is in lieu of current visual methods, like those of ancient Roma, that somehow just never detect existing life shortening insults, e.g., filthy HVAC ducts. This was written with the help of at least one Registered Nurse, with nearly 40 years nursing home experience, who requires anonymity for obvious reasons. Call for your copy. It was all but totally ignored by all members of the Colorado Board of Health (it was apparent that some didn't even bother to read the 3 pages) in 2011, and all their recommended contact persons (read: spineless finger pointing) in the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, who in some cases, didn't even bother to return calls! Ditto with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs and their Nursing control division.

    It was then submitted to Colorado State Rep. Sara Gagliardi, Registered Nurse, who listened to my phone explanation of benefits, cost savings and greatly improved protection of patients and staff. She promised to read my proposal. She was too spineless to call back and delegated that task to an ignorant helper who didn't seem to understand! Gagliardi says she's a Registered Nurse. Ninety percent of nursing home patients are old ladies. Why doesn't she realize that if she lives long enough she could spend the last 15 percent of her shortened life enduring such preventable insults. What drives her, Big Insurance? Let's give her the Florence Nightingale award for courage and concern done up in yellow! Send your SASE for a copy of this white paper.

    War Stories - of Exposure Science:

    From 1987 to 2005+ Marsh was a key player in the closure and clean up of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant SuperFund MegaSite (RFP) along with about three dozen others, that was abandoned before 'cleaned up' was allegedly completed in 2005. The citizens' enemies were/are the regulatory agencies who deserted we 'down wind' victims from the Colorado Front Range to the Eastern Sea Board for the next 240,000 years. That is the toxic life of Plutonium 239, thought to be one of the five most deadly substances known! Welcome to Colorado! Firstly, the U.S. E.P.A. defunded the Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission for telling the truth. Marsh co-founded and helped administer the E.P.A. Technical Assistance Grant, overseeing the RFP which the E.P.A. then defunded (we did too good a job), in an arbitrary and capricious way that was hence illegal.

    Secondly, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Department of Epidemiology, had formed an independent 'Citizen Soil Sampling Committee' (CSSC) to try to add some credibility to their polluter driven, bogus findings that maliciously played down the dangers of the RFP and its emissions. To scuttle the findings of this group they hired a charlatan chemist, with no data validation expertise, to destroy our findings. She is a chronic, habitual, pathological liar, who's Federal Court appeal revealed she was also an incompetent charlatan who even falsified laboratory data. She was fired when she couldn't even run the world's simplest laboratory instrument for the U.S. Geological Survey, who knew this would cost a fortune. When the chargers against her and case number DE04328310145, were brought to the attention of the Epidemiology Division of CDPH&E and the CSSC, government agents jumped behind her 100%. They then attacked the lady who produced the Federal Court documentation. Why? The regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Department of Energy, wanted to destroy revelations produced by years of work by the Citizens' Soil Sampling Committee of RFP to cover up crimes of huge government contractors who were in Federal Court charged with huge violations of the False Claim Act! By hiring a corporate whore to misconstrue the data validation process they could 'cover up' the incriminating data. Her name is hidden in the code at the bottom of this page. She is still out there doing the same criminal activities, the same as Annie Dookhan did for the State of Massachusetts. The Director of the Radiation Control Division, CDPH&E, was charged with protecting Coloradoans from dangerous RFP emissions, and never lifted a finger nor produced a single, documented charge against any RFP operator(s) from 1975 on. Send your SASE for names, dates and places. Are the watchdogs of Pantex, TX nuclear weapons plant listening yet?

    The headquarters for Architectural and Engineering design staff of the National Park Service (NPS) Center, national design office, 12975 W. Alameda Pkwy., Lakewood, Colorado, got their first, of a long stream of Indoor Air Quality complaints, 30 days after opening their new building in 1987. This was built by the General Services Administration to their own in-house engineering specifications! NPS administrators chose to ignore the findings of this Exposure Scientist, their in house HVAC Engineer, and innovative, cost saving contributions from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, who could have provided free & low cost solutions. The fact they had an architect who worked at this facility, who received two Presidential design awards in the White House, meant nothing. He beat leukemia twice but tragically, Andy Beck, AIA, died in round three in 2007, in that building.

    Builders cannot be trusted either, even up scale ones in Boulder, Colorado. The now defunct Boulder builder, most famous for high quality, up scale, `Green' homes with very important solar benefits and high LEED scores, had designed a new group of `Green' homes that are also supposed to be very low in toxic materials. This builder, an Environmentalist who has an outstanding environmental record of stopping the sale of old growth trees on National Forest lands to a very large, irresponsible logging company, called on our firm to verify his ad claims. After initial discussions to define the scope of what he thought would 'build in' good indoor environmental quality; based on an optimization monitoring program to guide his construction techniques, we never heard from him again, he stopped returning our calls, nor did he implement the project.

    Dennis Weaver, we all loved ya! But you only made it to 81 years young! This famous actor and environmentalist, who put his money where his mouth was, took only a few seconds to nix our optimization services for his new 'Earth Ship' design homes shortly after completion in the summer of 1990. At the recycling expo in Denver he impressed all with his knowledge, wit, charm, and accomplishments. This now appears to be the beginning of his cancer incubation period. He died of lung cancer in 2005, living in a most pristine part of Colorado - outside Ridgway. How does anyone get cancer in such a place? It looks, once again, like the lack of assessment & exposure prevention to chronic, low level exposures that are BRC but high enough to cause cancer.

    In another instance, we were called in to direct detoxification of a $1 million+, 6000+ sq. ft., 13 year old home in Denver's most exclusive community, Cherry Hills Village. Ironically, this recognized but incompetent builder made his fortune building 5000 low cost homes in Harvey Park (Denver)! His poor wife, the most sensitive person in the household, had complained about it from just after they first moved in, about 12 y prior. The owner tore down the original mansion next to their golf course (it must have been splendid too) because it stank so badly from a myriad of building mistakes. His new, opulent, replacement home, that took three years to build with infinite funding. It had full automation, splendid imported art, beautiful landscaping; and brick, solid walnut, & LEATHER flooring! He chose to ignore her ominous but prophetic complaints until it became so contaminated in the next 13 years that he and his wife had to flee when sewage, mold & bacteria; and grand HVAC deficiencies overwhelmed them! The owner died at about 75 years of age of cancer! He just didn't understand how to build safely and didn't listen to the Scientist either.

    Problems are worldwide. Bankers and lenders in general have an abysmal record of not only `red lining' complete neighborhoods to ruthlessly destroy real estate values so they can unfairly profiteer later when the plundered neighborhood is in receivership. They fund large construction projects that have non existent quality control and oversight. Re-"...Bangladesh supports, within a space the size of Wisconsin, about 125 million largely impoverished but resilient people.... And now it has another problem: the poisoning of potentially 70 million people from arsenic in drinking water drawn from millions of new wells installed, with World Bank funding, massive water borne drinking & surface water contamination."24 It is very possible that this mistake will cost 50% of the entire population 50% of their life span. The World Bank program totally failed to include the most rudimentary QC monitoring program to verify drinking water quality that would cost nearly nothing. Think Americans are immune from such problems? Think again - about rice grown on American farmlands that were previously treated with arsenic based pesticides for other crops! And don't forget all that arsenic laced chicken from their feed.

    This is comparable, in this country, to the use of untested `structural floors', to prevent building damage from expansive soils. See the above section on 'builders'. It's as if bankers have never heard of IAQ standards nor toxic substances in standing water (swamp)! Beware of their due diligence environmental audits as they sometimes use unqualified relatives as there are no U.S. standards for them either!

    Final Home Optimization Advice:

    How clean is clean? We know. Degree of cleanup is only limited by time and resources. We specify maximum clean up per clients' dollar. It is very easy for the Scientist to minimize remediation costs when all remediation is under direction of the Scientist. This will always save really big money. Expect independent laboratory monitoring data to show a reduction of insults by a factor of at least 1000 in an environment that already looks and smells impeccably clean. Average environments can realize 100,000 fold improvement. How can this be? Toxic building materials, desensitization to them, lack of IEQ standards & commissioning, and the lack of plans that prevent common,expected deterioration of built environments. Physicians, architects, engineers, builders, building materials suppliers & importers, and real estate brokers ignore this issue and greatly exacerbate this growing problem. A rare exception is Dr. Nick Nonas, Environmental Physician, at (303) 694-2626, Denver, whom we work with to guide cleanup to patient specific levels. His extensive patient data has revealed links between ZIP codes and respiratory illnesses!

    Our procedures were identified in a major national study on the effectiveness of 62 different techniques in ten categories for effectiveness to 305 folks with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) 21. These are easily the most sensitive portion of society, they are sometimes called 'Canaries'. Techniques we apply are 100% congruent with the only two methods that were reported to provide `major or enormous help'. Our methods also address elements of 4 of the top 7 treatments. The study: `MCS Treatment Evaluation Survey of 305 Participants', was conducted by Dr. Leonard Jason, Ph.D., DePaul University, Dep't of Psychology, Chicago, IL, in 1995. Send a large, self addressed, two stamped envelope for a copy. We will not respond to a P.O. Box return address.

    It is very easy for our firm to specify powerful control techniques that reduce harmful environmental concentrations of insults by factors of 100 to 100,000 fold reduction. Some are safety management tools coming from industry 'engineering controls' that have been protecting workers in the workplace for a long, long time, that are easy to adapt to home use. Some from the 19th century. Such old, proven controls can also be scaled down for residential applications that are very low cost, reliable, and effective.

    Optimization is a Scientific process comprised of four required basic steps: Characterization; remediation; follow up monitoring; and management planning for permanent prevention of future IEQ deterioration. We provide the keys to all, sometimes with eloquent, no cost/low cost renewable energy solutions that quickly pay for themselves and our services with substantial ongoing savings for the life of the unchanged structure.

    Patience is a virtue: Competent Microbiologists, Chemists, other Scientists, and laboratories are becoming fewer and fewer in this country. Their educations cost too much and have too little return on their investment(s) and they are otherwise vanishing. We have lost at least seven Senior Scientists and Professional Engineers in the last 30 years who had more than two centuries of combined experience. Fortunately, technological developments in information technology have helped reduce the effects of some of these passings.

    Feel free to call with questions you have written down after reading this 'Homes' section. From time to time we get calls from concerned folks who follow the philosophy of our message, sometimes for a long time, who are trying to make the best environmental decision without monitoring data. Although we can be seen as the 'Physician of your environment(s)' it is impossible to give recommendations or otherwise help choose between the lesser of evils in the absence of relevant monitoring data. It would be very rare indeed to conduct even a simple assessment on a small environment and not generate such data. How could a Physician advise someone who he hasn't seen and has no data?