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Revised 22/1/13.

Casualty Claim Settlement Based on Good Science:

Are you paying claims that are inflated or unfair? Our low cost, discreet, on-time contamination assessment services will greatly assist your needs to establish fair, accurate premiums and settlements. Our services are based on published analytical methods of the Science of forensic analyses, which are very easy to defend, especially in court. We find answers for subtle, difficult scientific questions and problems. These usually center around chemical, biological, radiological and physical contamination. Our data are reported in easy to read, user friendly reports with complete phone support. For litigation support, we find key, missing facts, maximizing success. We use no scare tactics like our competitors in Farmington, NM.

We provide two different forms of forensic investigations and analyses for cargo damage and loss prevention. Firstly, our scientific analyses answers the damaged cargo question: Was it sea water or rain? What was really delivered in that tank truck? Sources of fires from their residue 'finger prints' are also our specialty. Of course this also includes mold analyses and troubleshooting. To what temperatures was it subjected and when? How hard was it dropped? Was the cargo contaminated before, during, or after shipping with unknown levels of something that makes it toxic, impossible to sell, or otherwise meet specifications? We provide the same caliber of analyses of suspected arson with in depth evaluation of arson inspectors' reports, usually in rural areas.

Secondly, what were physical conditions of valuable cargo en route? We can supply the reusable TrakBox™, a 'black box' which is an automated recording instrument and transmitting system, customized to your exact needs, to be packed with cargo, clandestinely or otherwise. This box will identify and track conditions, whether unusual or unexpected, en route or in storage, including physical conditions, such as temperature and shock; and chemical, biological, & radiological contamination. The TrakBox™ can also be automated to transmit any predetermined events in real time.

Our report of findings includes analysis and interpretation of the lab data and sampling methods plus recommendations, including a plan of action to minimize future preventable losses. Additionally, we provide a wide range of photographic documentation, both film based and digital, with night, underwater, microscopic and macroscopic, or high resolution technologies. Call to discuss details of your exact needs.

From our experience in arson testimony as an expert witness, you must call us ASAP if an opponent's expert is Dr. Andrew T. Armstrong, Ph.D., Chemist, of Arlington, TX, if winning is important. We know this guy's M.O. inside and out! When he sees Marsh's name his blood pressure will peak.

Do you have an insured who has a serious question about drug (meth) contamination? We can assess and advise long before government agencies find out or show up. Simply inform suspected guilty parties to vacate and call us in. We will I.D. conditions and give you your best case scenario. This will include minimizing remediation, remediation oversight, and follow up monitoring to assure all is Below Regulatory Concern (BRC) and no one else will find out - even if they test again. We do no remediation nor sell hardware - this is a clear conflict of interest, and is unethical.

In disputes, we find the Scientific gaps in legal arguments with appropriate published methods and tight quality control. When needed, we collaborate with an established, licensed, Professional, Forensic Engineer, we know and trust, for complementary accident reconstruction assistance. Our reports and presentations, your staff will find interesting, provide easy to grasp, convincing evidence. Our excellent oral and written communication skills, for non-technical folks, help our clients and courts understand complex cases, on the rare occasions that may be needed. Ask for our list of cases, clients, and findings, including arson report analyses and testimony.