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Revised 24/8/08.

Shippers & Shipping Companies:

Causes of Shipping Damage:

We provide two different forms of forensic investigations and analyses for cargo damage and prevention. These important services are occasionally needed by shippers, insurance carriers, imported goods retailers, ocean going freight carriers, and the maritime industry in general. Firstly, our scientific analyses answer the question for damaged cargo: Was it sea water or rain? How hard was it dropped? Was the cargo contaminated before, during, of after shipping with low levels of something that makes it toxic, impossible to sell, or meet shippers specifications?

Secondly, if conditions of valuable cargo, in long distance shipping particularly by ocean carrier, are important to you we can supply reusable "black box" automated instrument systems, customized to your exact needs, to be packed with cargo, clandestinely or otherwise. These will identify unusual or unexpected conditions and sampling en route. Such a `box' can also be automated to transmit events, worldwide, in real time. This is called a `TrakBox'. Our report of findings includes chemical, biological (including bugs), radiological, and physical analysis of the data and samples and a plan to minimize future preventable losses. Our report of findings can be used to ascertain proper responsibility for a claim and future damage prevention.

Our services identify root causes of many problems and in transit conditions for easy rectification, and adjustment. Our automated mobile monitors are geared to address your concerns for identity of cargo damage source(s) during handling, storage, and while en route. Additionally, we provide a wide range of photographic documentation, both film based and digital; with night, underwater, microscopic and macroscopic, or high resolution technology.