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Revised 28/8/08.

Presentations Worth Hearing:

Is your sophisticated audience bored with mediocre presentations, unexciting subjects, and speakers whose skills need improvement? Does your cruise ship need a first class speaker with exciting topics from emerging technology, science for the layman, anti aging, and longivity, all designed for the layman? Mr. Marsh, Forensic Chemist and Ex-Professor, D.o.B. St. Patrick's Day, 1945, has made many exciting public speaking presentations on emerging science and the environment. These include: Strange findings in indoor environments; corruption of environmental regulatory regulations & processes; toxic schools and administrators who continue to mistreat those they are paid to teach & protect; how three dozen folks forced shut down, cleanup & demolition of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant SuperFund Mega Site (a key producer of the U.S. nuclear arsenal (click on Court Testimony above); and exciting new technologies from the fields of nanotechnology,29 in environmental science & medicine.

Marsh has interesting, unique talks, lectures, and presentations for students in: Nursing, hospital administration, hospital management, facilities management, nursing home administration, environmental science, and mechanical HVAC Engineering courses. These talks address critical issues necessary in the learning process of students learning about treating and managing people who are convalescing or residing in facilities as well as students of HVAC Engineering. They also break up the usual class humdrum, inject very interesting, motivating fun while providing a platform for serious, introspective questions, critical to the importance of when to suspect an unhealthy environment, give the professor or teacher important knowledge & teaching tools, and a needed break.

Marsh's presentations on forensics, from real life experiences, have many parallels to the most popular shows on television, such as CSI. Marsh has presented to a variety of audiences, technical, non technical, political, and taught college level beginning courses for mature students. Ask for specific topics, credentials, list of presentations and fees.